Standards of Conduct

The following statement of organizational policy constitutes GCI Standards of Conduct. It affirms our policy of conducting business and delivering services in accordance with both the law and the highest clinical and professional standards. It is our intent to provide clear direction to our employees and affiliates with respect to behavior within the scope of their practice.

It is the policy of Gateway Community Industries, Inc. to conduct all corporate activities in a responsible and ethical manner. Board members, administration, employees and all others associated with GCI must comply with Federal, State, and Local Laws and Regulations and must report any actual or perceived violation of the Corporate Compliance Program or GCI policy.

The standards of conduct cannot cover every situation that our personnel, board members or other officials may face. If you are unsure of what a proper course of conduct might be in a specific situation, or believe that the standards of conduct set forth in the Code may have been violated, contact the Corporate Compliance Officer.

Gateway will not tolerate any form of unlawful or unethical behavior by anyone associated with this organization. We expect and require all personnel and agents to be law-abiding, honest, trustworthy, and fair in all of their business dealings maintaining the highest standards of ethics. To ensure that these expectations are met the compliance program has become an integral part of our business operations.

General Standards

  1. GCI requires compliance by all employees, consultants and affiliates with laws to which it is subject. When the application of law, regulation, or other policy is uncertain, the employee, consultants and affiliates must seek the guidance and advice in accordance with the Corporate Compliance Plan.
  2. When either directly providing or managing the provision of services, GCI takes all reasonable efforts to insure that the services are appropriately prescribed, medically necessary, and performed in accordance with standards of care.
  3. Gateway will treat all individuals with dignity, respect, and courtesy. The consumers and their families will be involved in decisions regarding the treatment delivered to the extent practical and possible. In all circumstances will we attempt to treat individuals in a manner appropriate to their background, culture, religion and heritage, and respect their objectives for care.
  4. Staff shall not engage in any activity that constitutes abuse of any kind toward any individual.
  5. There shall be no discrimination toward any individual for any reason, including race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, ethnicity, age, disability, citizenship, marital status, military or veteran status, predisposing violence victim status, domestic violence victim status, HIV status or any other characteristic protected by law.
  6. GCI will not refuse, transfer, or discharge individuals who are in need of our services based upon any factor that is unrelated to individual care needs.
  7. GCI recognizes that from time to time, conflicts will arise among those who participate in agency and consumer care decisions. Whether this conflict is between members of administration, employees, consultant, affiliates and the Board of this institution or between individual caregivers and the consumer, GCI will seek to resolve all conflicts fairly, objectively, and in a timely manner. In cases where mutual satisfaction cannot be achieved, the consumer representative, the administration or appropriate group can engage in the conflict resolution process. Other staff, or if needed outside experts, will be involved and their opinions sought as needed to pursue a mutually satisfactory resolution.
  8. All consumer information is private and confidential and as such, staff is charged to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the individuals we serve and to communicate in a professional manner in accordance with all applicable New York State and Federal regulations.
  9. Consumer-Staff Relations: Staff shall strive to keep relations on a professional level that is above question of any kind. The guidelines are as follows:
    • There shall be no personal financial transactions between staff and consumer. This includes accepting gifts of obvious significant value and lending or borrowing money under most normal circumstances.
    • Staff will not include consumers as guests in their home or take them on personal outings unless approved by their program Director.
    • During conversations and treatment, discretion should be exercised in sharing the details of staff private life.
    • Sexual contact with a consumer by staff is prohibited. Contact for hygiene, weather, or medical incidents are permitted based on care needs. (See Sexual Harassment Policy)
    • Dating consumers or similar romantic involvement is not appropriate at anytime or under any circumstances.
    • Staff who are assigned, through their job description, the duties and responsibilities of counseling are the only authorized persons to carry out this function.
    • Sexual Harassment or the creation of a hostile work or living environment is unacceptable.
  10. Consumers shall not carry out the duties of staff unless such tasks are described in the participant’s/consumer’s plan of services for the purpose of increasing skills.
  11. No firearms or other weapons may be stored or brought to any facility or grounds of this agency.
  12. Staff shall be models of appropriate and acceptable behavior.
  13. All staff, when acting as a representative of GCI must always uphold the integrity of the agency through their words and actions, no matter the format in which it is communicated.
  14. All of GCI financial transactions must be properly authorized by management and be accurately and completely recorded on GCI’s books and records in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and established corporate accounting policies.
  15. GCI requires the undivided diligence of it employees, consultants and affiliates while exercising their responsibilities. Except where otherwise approved, personal investments or activities that may create a conflict of interest are prohibited, and situations that may give the appearance of conflict are to be avoided. Outside employment that raises any question in this regard must be disclosed to GCI and approved in advance by the President & Chief Executive Officer. In the event the President & Chief Executive Officer needs to make disclosure, or needs permission as set forth above, he/she shall address him/herself to the Chair of the Board of Directors of Gateway Community Industries or to the Executive Committee.
  16. If any circumstance presents itself which casts any doubt on the integrity of services delivered by GCI operations, the employee, consultant or affiliate are directed to contact the Corporate Compliance Officer immediately so that timely investigation and necessary correction may be enacted.
  17. As corporate compliance is a highly complex area, and this document cannot address all situations in which breach or concern may apply, employees, consultants and affiliates must contact their supervisor, or the Corporate Compliance Officer, who will make necessary determinations. The best policy is “if in doubt, ask”.

In addition, to the information listed above, other rules of staff conduct must be maintained in order for employees to work efficiently and effectively together in an organization such as GCI, Inc. Lack of adherence to the rules will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Infringements are summarized below:

  1. Habitual absenteeism or lateness;
  2. Failure to properly notify your supervisor when late or absent;
  3. Failure to perform assigned duties as directed;
  4. Insubordinate, unlawful or disorderly conduct;
  5. Verbal or physical altercations with other individuals; and
  6. Theft or misappropriation of GCI property.

These guidelines are not meant to restrict day-to-day relationships. They are general guidelines of behavior in the course of job performance. If any questions should arise, please discuss the situation with your program director.