Personalized Recovery Oriented Services

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What is PROS?

Personalized Recovery Oriented Services is a comprehensive, psychiatric rehabilitation program for individuals who experience symptoms from a mental health condition.

It’s a new way for people on the path of recovery to begin their journey of looking at the life they want to live.

Through participation in an individualized and person-centered menu of clinical, educational, and employment services, people begin to see hope for, perhaps, the first time. We’re here to help people realize their goals and dreams, and live the life they’ve always wanted to live.

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Groups run for a minimum of half an hour. Group members vary in size from 4 to 12 participants.

Monday—Friday 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


NYS Licensed Psychiatrists
NYS Licensed Nurses
NYS Licensed Clinical Social Workers
Group Facilitators
Peer Facilitators

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  • Men’s and Women’s Wellness
  • Understanding Your Emotions
  • Coping with Depression
  • Healthy Living

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  • Intensive Relapse Prevention
  • Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment (mental illness substance abuse)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy


What if I’m not sure whether groups are right for me?

New enrollments receive an orientation/engagement period to try the program out before enrolling. During that time, participants will meet members of the PROS team, learn more about individual program services, audit current groups, assess and receive feedback whether the group modality is beneficial to supporting your therapeutic needs.

Can I attend the PROS program and use other clinical providers at the same time?

Yes, however this may limit some of the service options in PROS, since services cannot be duplicated. Individuals can continue to receive clinical services (psychiatric, medication and counseling) from their current provider. Although PROS does offer clinical services, the program also offers other services to help people get and stay well, to achieve goals, and/ or go to work or school.

How often would I have to attend PROS?

Participants don’t need to attend every day, all day. Generally, program attendance is anywhere from two to five days a week. Participants should plan to spend at least two hours per week in services.

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Adults 18+ who reside in Ulster County, have a psychiatric diagnosis, a functional disability due to the severity and duration of the diagnosis, and the desire to work on addressing the barriers that prevent goal achievement. Insurances that are accepted are Medicaid, Medicaid Managed Care and Medicare as well as Private Pay on a sliding fee scale.