Gateway Hudson Valley Launches EV Charging Station to Sustainably Reach Residents in Need

July 11, 2024

Sustainability initiatives are spreading throughout the Hudson Valley, and Gateway Hudson Valley is getting greener by launching two electric vehicle charging stations! A small ribbon cutting was held on Friday, June 14 to celebrate the launch of the new electric vehicle charging station.

Gateway has 54 vehicles in its fleet, which are primarily used to deliver Senior Mobile Meals and for transportation of participants in Gateway’s many therapeutic and residential programs. By adding two Volkswagen ID4 electric vehicles and an on-site EV charging station, Gateway will test the viability of an all-electric fleet. In 2023, Gateway Hudson Valley delivered over 80,000 meals and drove over 171,000 miles as part of the Ulster County Senior Meals program. The organization also helps thousands of individuals each year through its residential and therapeutic programs.

Stephanie Turco, President and Chief Executive Officer at Gateway Hudson Valley, commented on this initiative, saying “Gateway Hudson Valley is moving into the green space, and testing the viability of electric vehicles supports a more sustainable future for our organization, our community, and the thousands of individuals we serve each year.”